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What Is a Real Property Tax Back Office?

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Real Property Tax Back Office [video]

Property taxes are an important part of any real estate based asset management strategy, be it owned property or collateral.  But property tax management is a hassle and is almost never your core business.  It is however the perfect component to outsource.  Outsourcing gives you the confidence that your tax documents, data, appeals and payments are always being managed in the background while you do the work that makes you money.  The best outsource solution for real property taxes is the Cold River Real Property Tax Back Office.

Its like having all the professional tax staff you need, on someone else's payroll.  It is a group of professinals receiving and opening your tax mail, managing your property list, filing your appeals and making your tax payments on time.  Whether your portfolio is real property or collateral,  you have a whole department constantly watching your back to make sure that your tax liability is managed, appealed and paid on time.  You also get the continuity of expertise that comes with every expanding team of professionals with one and only one task; to manage your property tax portfolio.

Maybe you have an in-house tax staff.  Give them the tools they need to do the job well.  Tools like a fully updated and monitored tax digest online, menu driven services to deal with peak time and seasonl tax staffing demands and a team of tax professionals that can assist them quickly with the difficult and complex issues that come with property tax mangement.   Look at some of the industries that outsource real property tax management.

Why Outsource Property Tax Management?

  • Tracking, archiving and interpreting tax documents, dates and important data is a complex task that demands time and attention from multiple departments in most companies.
  • The sheer number of taxing jurisdictions, filing deadlines and payment due dates means a high risk rate for costly errors.
  • The risk of missed payments, costly fines and penalties, liens, fifas or the catastrophic loss of property or collateral.
  • The cost of overpaying taxes due to the lack of a managed and comprehensive appeal strategy.
  • The costs associated with training internal staff and the distraction of a non-core business function.
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