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Collateral & Regulatory Compliance

In the highly regulated world of real estate lending, knowing the status of property taxes on collateral is not just a good practice anymore, it should be part of any bank’s risk management policy.  The effect of unpaid taxes can be catastrophic.  Loan review should be synonymous with property tax review and real estate loans that hit the past due report should be on the tax monitoring report also.  For monitoring, escrow servicing, protective advances and recoveries, Cold River is your Real Property Tax compliance and risk management partner.

Services (Features & Benefits)

  • Research and Monitoring:  Cold River staff are trained in basic and complex real estate transfers, debt and collateral structures, participated loans, liens and fifa satisfactions and are called on by other national firms for their expertise in redemptions and recoveries.  We will assemble a tax digest of all the collateral securing your loans and monitor taxes for payments so you can rest easy.
  • Tax Payments Made Cold River will make your protective advance payments and calculate penalties and interest, plus provide the documentation for the bank lending staff to be able to collect the amounts from the borrower.
  • In-bank Escrow:  On new originations and renewals of commercial real estate loans serviced in the bank, Cold River In-Bank Escrow service is ideal to manage taxes, improve liquidity and rest easy that the taxes will be paid on time.  The bank always has the accruals and the tax dollars in its possession. 
  • Recoveries:  The complexities of tax liens, investor payoffs, redemption periods and excess funds collections are reason enough to outsource your property taxes to Cold River.  For real estate owners as well as lenders, understanding who has the right to pay property taxes on something you have an interest in as well as who has the right to redeem or super lien the property is critical.  Cold River has the expertise you need to keep your property or collateral out of harm’s way.
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    Cold River is a leading provider of real property tax management to the real esate and financial markets.  (more)

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